The all-rounder among the open awnings. With Volant-Plus, telescopic arms, inclination adjustment or a cover board.

The sturdy awning for all kinds of applications.

With its generous dimensions and compact design, SELECT is particularly well suited to the catering and commercial sector. But its many options also make it a good choice for the private sector where larger areas need shading.

SELECT, the prime choice for universal applications.

For every kind of application
Whether very narrow or extra-wide, SELECT caters to most space requirements. From 170 to 1800 cm width.
Good sun protection
The position of the sun changes throughout the year. By flexibly adjusting the pitch angle, you can adapt your outdoor area to the seasons.
No wrinkles in the fabric
A STOBAG exclusive: the ingenious telescopic arm technology keeps even large fabric surfaces taut and prevents sagging.
SELECT Hero slide

Product features

The lowerable Volant-Plus valance, with a maximum height of 170 cm, protects you from low sun and prying eyes.
SELECT Volant-Plus
Telescopic arm technology
The telescopic arm technology developed by STOBAG keeps the fabric constantly under tension in a simple and space-saving design.
SELECT Teleskoparmtechnik
Cross-over folding arms
When you need more projection than width. Thanks to a special design with crossed articulated arms, shade can be reliably provided for narrow roof patios and window niches.
SELECT Überkreuzte Arme
The slim aluminium sleeve protects the fabric when retracted. With the external articulated arms on the sturdy triangular back bar, the façade mounting is flexible and compact.
SELECT Halbkassette
Cover board
A cover board protects the fabric and technology from dirt deposits when closed and creates an aesthetic connection between the awning and the façade.
SELECT Mit Schutzdach
With the manual pitch adjustment, you can adjust the inclination of the awning up to 60°. This lets you adapt the shade easily and conveniently to the position of the sun.
SELECT Ombramatic

SELECT from every angle