Awnings Terrace


The unique awning line for the highest quality of outdoor living.

Your versatile and durable sun potection

Experience freedom of choice, simplicity and convenience with the compact, timeless and harmonious design of VIVO. You can configure VIVO to suit your individual requirements and, thanks to its modular design, add additional functions at a later date.

VIVO for the highest quality of outdoor living

Timeless and high quality
Experience modern technology perfectly integrated in a compact design. All elements radiate a special stability and dynamism thanks to their clear lines. The surfaces impress with their high-quality finish.
Individual and versatile
Decide on the design and functions of your awning. Technology of arms, front profiles, color and structure of fabric and surface - you can put together your awning according to your wishes.
Robust and durable
The robust construction with forged components stands for resilience and precision. The GORE® Tenara sewing thread gives our fabrics extreme durability.
Flexible and expandable
VIVO can easily beextended at a later date. The modular design enables the integration of additional functions such as a lowerable valance or automated control and thus integration into any smart home.

Product features

Protective sleeve "Protect"

Protects the fabric from weather, environmental deposits and fading. Internal drainage channels drain little rolled-up rainwater to the outside.


Protects the cloth against weather and deposits from plants and animals. Integrated rubber lip on the wall prevents dirt from running down.


For additional glare protection when the sun is low. The lower degree of inclination provides a better view and more space. Conceals the view of the construction.

Lowerable Volant-Plus

Flexibly adjustable protection againgst low glaring sunlight, light wind and to maintain privacy. Allows for minimal tilt of the awning and thus maximum clearance. Translucent Soltis fabric up to 160 cm high offers a clear view with minimal visibility from the outside. Acrylic fabric, designed identically to the main fabric, conveys a sense of security.

VIVO Produktfeature – Absenkbares Volant

Trilliant telescopic arms

Patent-pending technology, in combination with "Back Impulse" process, creates attractive fabric tension in any poosition. Highest stability and slim appearance thanks to unique cross-section. Only two arms required for all sizes up to 7x4 m.

Trilliant telescopic arms

Unique cross-section for maximum stability and yet a slimline appearance.

Strongest drop-out profile

Provides space for lowerable Volant-Plus. Integrated drainage channel directs light rain away from the seating area to the sides.

Reinforced drop profile

Integrated drainage channel directs light rain away from the seat area to the sides. Integrated as standard on telescopic arms. Optional for articulated arms.

Standard drop profile

Particularly slim design with guaranteed stability.

Experience simplicity and comfort.

We attach great importance to quality and versatility in order to provide you with the optimum shade.