Vertical shading


Drop arms that slide sideways permit flexible mounting. The spring-tension keeps the fabric perfectly taut.

METRO – the ideal solution for shading windows and balcony niches

The tilted fabric permits an uninterrupted view to the outside and allows the air to circulate well when the window is open. The drop angle can be freely selected. This ensures an ideal combination of sun protection and daylight utilisation.

The best of both worlds

Easy to operate
With a wall duct and gear unit/joint bearing plate, it can be controlled from inside the room.
Plenty of daylight
The opening angle of up to 90° or 170° provides shade and still lets plenty of light into your home.
Pleasant indoor climate
The direct incidence of light through the glass into the interior is blocked, preventing the rooms or the conservatory from heating up.
METRO Hero slide

Product features

Slim without a box
The purist version. Ideal when overhangs, balconies or window lintels already provide protection.
METRO Ohne Kasten
Modern and angular
The angular design blends in perfectly with any modern architecture. The awning fabric rolls up into the box and stays well protected.
METRO Kasten eckig
Classically round
The round design goes very well with classical architectural styles. Whatever the design, the fabric is always well protected.
METRO Kasten rund
The coupling of max. two systems is possible with these types of façade shading.
METRO Kopplung von Anlagen
Wall duct
The gear unit with a joint bearing plate permits manual operation from inside, for a secure wall feed-through.
METRO Wanddurchbruch

METRO from all sides

The variable tilt angle and the choice of fabric colour make for endless combinations of shade and daylight.