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Variety and quality

Tone-on-tone or a visual highlight – our fabric and frame colours blend perfectly with your architecture. Find out about our varied range of materials.

We work with you to create one-of-a-kind pieces

With hundreds of fabric and frame colours for our sun and weather protection solutions to choose from, we can satisfy almost any design preferences. Whether you want the awnings to blend in harmoniously with your design language with subtle hues, or to set a visual accent with strong colours. We are constantly expanding our colour range – for even more choice in your project.

Materialien Unikat
Material Unikat Nähmaschine
In our collection of colours, we take inspiration from nature. So that our fabrics blend in per-fectly with the natural environment.
Michael Lötscher | STOBAG Design Engineer

Digital detox: the 2023 colour trends bring balance and wellbeing

A dark green, an earthy yellow, but above all a soft violet are among the trend colours in 2023. Whether on furniture, as a wall paint, or in carpets – the latest colour trend has many facets. It imparts a cheerful mood and at the same time creates a relaxing living atmosphere – a perfect balance for the home. Last year’s vibrant colours are being replaced by a more satu-rated colour palette. These colours stand for stability, balance, and wellbeing and bring natu-ralness into your living space.

You will already find the new on-trend colours in our fabric collection, alongside many timeless colours and designs.

Digital Lavender: Serenity meets joie de vivre.

Our inner need for calm, closeness to nature and balance in everyday life is growing. Hardly surprising, given the time we spend in front of screens. In terms of colour psychology, the emergence of Digital Lavender has a positive effect on the psyche. It evokes feelings of calmness and serenity.

Pale lilac comes across as gentle and tranquil. These colour perceptions are triggered by the wavelengths of the different shades. Colours with longer wavelengths, such as red, have a stimulating and energising effect on our mood. Calm colours such as blue or turquoise, on the other hand, appear more balanced with short wavelengths.

Combined with natural materials and earth tones, your outdoor oasis becomes a digital-detox room.

Over 380 designs and colours. Which one is yours?

Find your colour. With a fabric from our extensive collection, you are choosing a European high-tech textile product in premium quality. See for yourself. Order sample now.

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Quality in every fibre

To ensure that our awnings are with you for a long time, we select particularly high-quality materials for our awning covers. Top-notch European weaving mills produce our high-tech textile fabrics in premium quality – robust, durable, and UV-tested.

With our aluminium components too, we attach great importance to utmost quality and dura-bility. Which is why all our profiles and frame parts are powder-coated. With our eco-friendly process, we protect your new construction effectively from the impact of the environment and weather. Prime quality is paramount for us.

An ideal match

Perfectly matched to façade, window, and awning fabric. Choose the frame colour you fancy from the wide range of STOBAG colours. With 14 classic colours, 20 lifestyle colours and hun-dreds of rainbow colours (RAL and NCS), our assortment offers you a broad colour spectrum.


We work with you to design your living space.

Whether it’s inspiration for your project or advice on your planned colour concept – our cus-tomer advisers will be happy to help you with sound advice and practical assistance.