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Keeping intruders out

Burglaries are more frequent during the dark months of the year. That’s the case everywhere, whether it’s an apartment, house or office. Is it really just a matter of bad luck when it happens to someone? We don’t believe it is and have put together some practical safety measures for you.

Dusk attracts thieves. Does your home have a reliable intruder protection system?

There are two times of the year when numbers of break-ins go up: in the summer, when many people are away on holiday for longer, and in the winter months from November to March, when it gets dark early. But there’s good news: you can significantly increase your level of break-in protection by taking just a few simple measures.

Research by the police has shown that more than a third of all burglary attempts fail because the properties are too well secured. Burglars want to get the job done quickly. If the typical approach with simple lever tools such as crowbars or screwdrivers is not successful because doors and windows are secure, the opportunist burglar is soon sent running. We’d like to point you to some protective measures you can take to make your home more secure.

Three things that cost burglars valuable time

  1. Modern hardware
    Older windows with simple fixtures can be retrofitted with security hardware by an expert. This minimises the risk of them being easily prised open with a crowbar or screwdriver, which would give burglars quick access to your apartment or house.
  2. Two locks
    A break-in through the door can be prevented by installing a good additional lock – such as a crossbar lock – to make it twice as secure. This minimises the risk of burglary during your ab-sence from home. At the same time, it gives you peace of mind if you live alone or in a seclud-ed location.
  3. Alarm system
    Alarm systems are the classic solution when it comes to crime prevention. It is best to seek advice from a security expert when choosing an alarm system. By the way: if a company owns valuable equipment or even data, this type of security system is a good way of protecting themselves against break-ins.

Intruder protection for your windows

In addition to securing doors with special locks, you can also give your windows an extra layer of security. Extremely tough security folding shutters made of impact-resistant aluminium profiles protect your home or business not only against break-ins and vandalism, but also against hail and storm damage.

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The SECURE security folding shutter, which comprises a rugged unit of different slat widths and sturdy aluminium connecting rods, offers ideal intruder protection. Hardly anyone can break into your home in your absence.

Out of sight, out of mind: protecting privacy from prying eyes

Our privacy products also help to minimise the likelihood of a break-in. If burglars aren’t even given a chance to get a first impression of your home from the outside, it is usually too risky for them to attempt a break-in.

Especially at dusk during the winter months, when it gets dark early in the afternoon and lights are switched on, it is child’s play to see inside the home. In a situation like this, our verti-cal awnings provide the necessary privacy protection and thus increase your safety. And best of all: the vertical awnings are not only ideal as intruder protection in winter, but also as sun protection for an optimum room climate in summer.

What can you do for your security? How to prevent a crime from happening in the first place

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When your home is the first line of defence

The automatic control or remote control of shading or lighting are effective security measures. You can find more on this topic in our Smart Home section.

Because your safety is important to us.

Having a safe feeling in your own home is indispensable. Let's talk about it. Our security experts will be happy to advise you.